Document Scanning

The digital document produced must be of excellent quality, regardless of the type of scanner and the paper document. See how our suite of software will help you accomplish this effortlessly.

Different scanners utilize a distinct user interface. Our software provides a window for choosing scanning options such as duplex or simplex (single-sided or double-sided), paper size, resolution (DPI), color or grayscale, brightness, contrast etc.

Types of document scanners

Documents come in so many shapes and forms that one type of scanner cannot fit them all. Below is a description of the most common types today.

Sheet fed scanner

Used for high volume batch scanning. Categorized with respect to page size, feeder capacity and scanning speed, and priced accordingly. Hence, it is important to carefully consider the requirements of your scanning production before purchasing.

Multifunction printer or copy machine

Versatile machines used mostly for copying and printing documents, but they can also be used for scanning. May be a cost-effective alternative to document scanners for small to medium scanning volumes.

Flatbed scanner or book-scanner

Used for scanning books and other documents where an automatic document feeder cannot be used.

Digital microfiche/microfilm scanner

Documents on microfiche/microfilm can be converted to electronic documents by using a special scanner.

Large format scanner

For scanning engineering drawings, maps etc. that are large format sheets, (A1, A2 etc.)

Connecting the scanner to your system

TWAIN drivers

The document scanning software on your computer directly controls the scanner or multifunction printer. The scanner is usually connected to the computer with a USB cable. TWAIN can also be used over a network, but it is generally not recommended.

Shared folders

Your scanner or multifunction printer is set up to save the scanned documents as files in a shared folder on your intranet. This is the most common way of integrating a multifunction printer or network scanner in your document management system.

Document Scanning Software

PixEdit® Desktop is a powerful scanning, document composition and image processing tool which greatly simplifies the work with scanning and editing documents.

PixEdit® Server processes and improves the scanned documents as a server service.

PixView® gives you basic scanning functionality with an easy-to-use interface, in addition to be able to open, print and view any scanned documents.

More about Document Scanning

PixEdit® Desktop

A complete document scanning solution

PixEdit® Server

Server service for automatic improvement of documents for electronic file storage

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