Document Editing

Reusing scanned material

Editing documents and drawings is more efficient than creating entirely new ones. Document scanning creates image files that are not easily handled in traditional office applications such as a word processor or a spread-sheet. PixEdit software is designed for the tasks of editing and reusing the information in scanned documents. Scanned engineering drawings, maps, blueprints are easily modified; forms redesigned and pages joined, split or reordered.

Document Composing

Being able to edit the composition - the page layout - of your scanned documents, saves a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on manually sorting papers, re-scanning, etc.

  • Combine born-digital documents with scanned pages
  • Create, delete and rearrange pages
  • Extract pages and figures
  • Move or copy pages from one document to another
  • Join pages of any size such as, large maps, well drilling logs and blueprints
  • Split pages, for example, scanned booklets and two-up pages
  • Compare two drawings for differences

Graphic Editing

You can make reuse of scanned material and avoid a costly reconstruction process of a drawing or document by:

  • Cut, copy and paste images in documents
  • Add text
  • Draw new graphics such as lines, circles, dimension lines, etc.
  • Erase text or graphics
  • Resize and rotate text or graphics
  • Clean scanned documents: Remove spots, black borders, punch-holes, shadows, etc.

PDF Markup and Annotations

Adding notes and marks will help the collaboration and exchange of information. In PDF, markup and annotations are stored separately from the document, so that users can work freely with these tools without the risk of altering the original document or loose information:

  • Sticky notes
  • Highlight text (yellow marker)
  • Graphic markings

Document Editing Software

PixEdit® Desktop is a leading software for scanning and editing documents. It has all the editing functions you need and supports all file formats and document sizes.


PixEdit® Desktop

A complete document scanning solution