Select your PixEdit® Software

- Choose solution by functionality and desired setup (workstation or server)

Desktop: We want to perform manual corrections of documents

Server: We wish that the documents are automatically processed as a server service

There is of course a very good solution to have both PixEdit Desktop and PixEdit Server. Then the automatic document processing is executed very efficiently on a server, and you have all the necessary tools to carry out changes manually to the documents.

PixEdit Desktop

Complete solution for scanning / document capture on Workstation

Simplify scanning of large volumes of documents Optimize scanned documents automatically or manually

Interactive tools for editing of documents.

PixEdit Server

Automatic processing of documents from scanners, e-mail and network folders.

Server service that integrates seamlessly with archive system.

Documents are separated, enhanced and then sent to archive system for electronic filing


View, print, markup, and comment on documents. Secure redaction of sensitive information. Easy Scan functionality

PixEdit Converter Server

Automatic conversion and archiving of electronic documents (digital born and scanned) to PDF file standard


PixEdit® Server

Server service for automatic improvement of documents for electronic file storage

PixEdit® Converter Server

Automatic conversion and archiving of electronic documents

PixEdit® Desktop

A complete document scanning solution


Viewing and annotation of scanned documents