PixEdit® Server

Automatic image processing and archiving of electronic documents

PixEdit® Server is a complete software solution, which automatically prepares all your electronic documents and stores them in your digital archive. This software is installed as a service on your Windows server, and is easily integrated with your document management system. Documents are processed and optimized automatically and placed in designated output folders. The software includes an email service that processes documents from configured inboxes.

PixEdit® Server has the same capabilities for converting documents as PixEdit® Converter Server.

Please contact us at support for custom, seamless integration with your DMS through Web services.

All the image processing your company needs - in one package !

  • Licensing is based on the number of installations and on the total number of named users within your organization (for example, the number users in the DMS)
  • Full utilization of all available hardware capacity (use any number of servers and CPU cores)
  • Unlimited number of documents

Documents are retrieved from folders or email accounts

  • Configure different folders for retrieval of documents. Documents are placed in a queue and processed according to the configured profile.
  • Monitor email accounts for incoming mail. Documents received per e-mail will be processed according to the configured document profile. The documents may be returned to the sender or saved to a specified location.


  • Flexible and user-friendly system for administering PixEdit Server users, job profiles and configurations
  • Automatic optimization of documents for digital archives
  • Document separation with various methods such as barcode type 39, 128, QR codes or blank sheets
  • Corrects skew that may arise during document scanning
  • Dividing and sorting of scanned booklets
  • Splicing/joining of pages in a scanned document
  • Automatically crop documents to the correct page size
  • Convert all born-digital documents
  • Convert all types of scanned documents
  • Includes OCR (text recognition) to make searchable PDFs
  • Recommended file format for archiving is PDF/A-1b or PDF/A-2b, an ISO standard for long-term preservation of electronic documents


PixEdit® Converter Server

Automatic conversion and archiving of electronic documents

PixEdit® Desktop

A complete document scanning solution