PixEdit® PRO

PixEdit® PRO is designed for production scanning environments with particularly high demands on document capacity and throughput rate. It is based on PixEdit® Desktop, but has extended parallel processing capabilities that enables you to fully exploit the potential of powerful, multi-core CPUs and multi-processor computers.

PixEdit® PRO also has an enhanced user interface in DocServer™ which makes it easier to set up more complex production scanning systems.

PixEdit Desktop vs. PixEdit PRO comparison

  • Available as a 64 bit application which takes full advantage of your system.

 Additional functionality in PixEdit PRO’s DocServer:

  • Multithreaded document processing for all selected watch folders
  • Delayed file pick-up which can be useful when processing documents from an MFP
  • Send email reports when document processing fails
  • Tools for selecting multiple folders and configurations which is useful when converting an entire document archive


PixEdit® Desktop

En komplett løsning for dokumentskanning

PixEdit® Server

Servertjeneste for automatisk forbedring av alle typer dokumenter til elektronisk arkiv.