Graphics Editing

Reusing scanned material and extending document lifetime

With graphic editing, you can reuse previously scanned material and avoid a costly reconstruction process of a drawing, document or book. Editing scanned documents with many pages can be tedious with traditional imaging software. With our PixEdit® Desktop, you can do almost any cleanup, image enhancement and editing operation on a collection of pages, using only a few mouse clicks.

Drawing Tools and General Editing

With digital drawing tools, you can edit the images and text in the document. You can erase, move or copy parts of a page. You can insert new text and shapes and use free-hand draw or erase to retouch details.

Tutorial Videos

Cropping images and pages

Select and edit areas on a page

Inserting text

Precise pixel accuracy and mouse movement, AccuPix™

Building a figure library

A typical editing job

Specifying exact values and coordinates

Grid and snapping

Color conversion

Comparing documents


Scanned documents usually have various kinds of "imperfections" when they first appear on your screen, like noise, black borders and so on. While PixEdit® can automatically clean up most of this, there will be cases where one needs to do some manual work to get an acceptable result.

Multi-page tools

Manual cleanup work in documents with many pages can be very time consuming. PixEdit® has some very powerful tools to help you being more effective.

With the Stack Image, you can look at many pages at the same time. Imagine each page is a transparent and they are laid on top of each other digitally. You will then quickly see general problems like black borders, odd sized pages, amount of noise, skew, etc. Many of these can be fixed in one go with PixEdit®'s multi-page features like noise filtering, removing black borders, automatic deskewing, margin cleanup, etc. Other things must be fixed page by page, but with Stack Image, it is very easy to see which pages need to be worked on.

Tutorial Videos

Quick document inspection: stacking page images

Cleaning up and enhancing the quality of scanned documents

Clean up margins of scanned pages

Image Enhancement

Scanners rarely deliver "perfect" documents. The original could be bad due to photocopying or fading, the scanner might not be top-notch, etc. With digital image enhancement tools, you can, to some extent, make up for this even after the document has been scanned and saved as a file. With PixEdit® Desktop, you can do all these useful enhancements on a whole document or collections of pages in one go!

  • Adjust brightness and contrast to improve readability
  • Adjust color balance to neutralize a color cast on the pages
  • Clear or whiten the background on dull documents
  • Sharpen images that are slightly out of focus

Tutorial Videos

Color balance

Brightness and contrast

Color replacement and background enhancement

Histogram normalization

Sharpen, blur and other image filters


This special cleanup tool in PixEdit® Desktop allows restoring of old documents that are in such bad shape, that any automatic scanning and enhancement process will fail to preserve all information. Using this tool, you can go over the document manually with a "digital sponge" and wash small or large parts of the document individually. Take a look at this video to see it in action:

Tutorial Video

Restoring an old drawing with DocWash™