Automating Tasks

Do you often find yourself doing the same sequence of editing operations over and over, page by page, document by document?  By using macros, you can increase the efficiency of such work enormously!


A macro in PixEdit® is simply a sequence of editing commands listed in a text file. Each command can be just about any of those editing operations that you can do interactively in PixEdit®. Here are some examples:

  • Clean up operations
  • Image enhancements
  • Page rearranging, joining, splitting, etc.
  • Inserting text or graphical objects
  • Copying, moving or erasing areas on a page
  • Apply logos

It's easy!

The easiest way to create a macro is simply to let PixEdit® record your operations while you are working on a document. You can then repeat or play back these operations on a selection of pages or multiple documents.

You can also create macros by writing commands and parameters directly in a text file. And, here's a nice trick if you are not familiar with all the commands: First record a macro performing the sequence of operations you need. Then open up the macro in Notepad, and you'll see all the commands written down for you. Now it will be very easy to modify some of the commands to exactly fit your needs.

Tutorial Videos