Batch Scanning

High volume production scanning. By production scanning, we mean work that involves scanning a relatively large number of documents. This could be either a part of the daily routine in your company, for example scanning all incoming mail to PDF. Or it could be a one-time large project, for example converting an entire existing archive of paper documents to PDF/A.

What PixEdit software offers you

  • Unlimited volume, no per page or per document charges
  • Automatic indexing
  • Automatic cleanup and optimization with parallel processing
  • Supreme performance and scalability
  • Flexible integration with document management systems

Connecting to your system

PixEdit® Desktop can be seamlessly integrated with your document and content management system (DMS/ECM) and deliver batch-scanned documents directly to the database or indirectly via a manual registration process.

In batch scanning, it is important to have a reliable, efficient and automatic system for separating the batch into individual documents and identify them for indexing. PixEdit® offers you a lot of flexibility to do this.

Cleaning up and optimizing scans

With large batches of documents, automating the cleanup and optimization of the scanned files is particularly important. You need a reliable and efficient system which ensures that each document going into the database is perfectly readable and preserves all information from the original on paper. PixEdit® offers a whole range of advanced image processing functions to help you with this.

In production scanning, with thousands of documents in the system, file size is also a big concern. In PixEdit®, you have the best and fastest compression algorithms to minimize file size while retaining a pristine image quality.