New download and installation system

  • Tuesday, August 30, 2016 2:02 PM

We have today published a new system for downloading and installing PixEdit software.



Username and password on My Account is the same as before, but it is now possible to change Your password and store your name and e-mail address.


The new installation process requires a registration code and serial number (SN). When you have signed in to "My Account" you get a complete overview of your Licenses with associated registration codes and SNs. After upgrading, USB dongles are no longer required.


Upgrading PixEdit Desktop:
Uninstall existing PixEdit Desktop via the control panel
Login to "My Account" on
Register your name and email address
• Go to the "Licenses & Downloads"
• Download correct installation package, "PixEdit® Desktop / Installation Package for PixEdit® Desktop and PixEdit® Desktop with OCR"
• During installation, you will need the license serial number (SN) and the product key. In the overview "Your Licenses" you will find your serial numbers and associated product keys. Click "Request key" to get the key for each license. (Any USB keys are not longer needed)