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PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server Releases

Release Notes

Below are the release notes of recent versions of our PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server software

Version 2.6.0


  • New feature - Added input filename and output filenames to log files
  • Enhancement - New OCR engine from I.R.I.S. S.A
  • Enhancement - Added feature to reserve a thread for priority configurations
  • Enhancement - Generic barcode detection
  • Enhancement - Send email notification when files are moved to error folder after core service crash
  • Correction - Use of unnecessary resources when there’s input files in a disabled configuration
  • Correction - Problem with XFA forms conversion
  • Correction - Send email notification check box is not possible to un-tic

Version 2.5.3


  • Enhancement - PixEdit Server and PixEdit Desktop integration. Added job profile setting to lock scan settings, disabling all user input except contrast/brightness
  • Enhancement - Add the original filename to the ephorte separated document files

Version 2.5.2


  • Enhancement - Important WCF security features added. An upgrade to this version is recommended
  • Enhancement - Simplified firewall settings (setup program)
  • Correction - PDF with PDF attachment problem
  • Correction - Input Connector error when email configs are added
  • Correction - Error in silent setup installation .bat file

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