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PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server Releases

Release Notes

Below are the release notes of recent versions of our PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server software

Version 2.1.11


  • Improvement - Ephorte/Acos separation. Option to include qr separation page. This is necessary when using qr code labels
  • Bugfix - Hyperlinks not working after saving to PDF/A on specific document
  • Bugfix - Specific PDF document made PixEdit Core service crash
  • Bugfix - Specific PDF document was white after conversion

Version 2.1.10


  • New Feature - Submit files from input configuration to PixEdit Desktop integration
  • New Feature - Remove images linked to the internet on MHT files
  • Improvement – Added option for required characters when separating with QR-codes
  • Improvement - Remove browse button from Archive savepath. The user must enter this manually, preferably an UNC path
  • Improvement - Add warning in PixEdit Server Manager when placing "Deskew" over "remove black border"
  • Improvement - Convert password ‘change’ protected Excel and Word documents. Must be turned on manually in for PixEdit Core appsettings.config
  • Improvement - Throw exception if first page not contains QR separation sheet
  • Bugfix – PDF language metatag not working
  • Bugfix - Input Connector won’t start with faulty email configuration
  • Bugfix - Documents separated with Techsoft sheets gets guid as filename
  • Bugfix - Hour is always 0 when date and time is used as filename
  • Bugfix - Checksum verification on Techsoft barcodes do not work when upside down
  • Bugfix - Word loosing PDF pages on reported document
  • Bugfix - Ephorte QR codes can sometimes crash the PixEdit Core service

Version 2.1.9


  • Improvement - Multithread performance on ‘RemoveBlackBorders’, ‘Deskew’ and ‘Turn’
  • Bugfix - Core service crash during restart from PixEdit Server Manager
  • Bugfix - PDF interpretation, metatags and saving
  • Bugfix - Distribution of processor cores to jobs does not work properly
  • Bugfix - Document parameters are not transferred to new document during separation
  • Bugfix - Memory leak in OCR
  • Bugfix - Visio 2016 not working with Server

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