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Version notes for PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server

Release Notes

Below are the release notes of recent versions of our PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server software

Version 2.7.6


  • Added new PDF variants : PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2u, PDF/A-3u, PDF/A-X1a-2001, PDF/A-X3-2003
  • Implemented the latest version of Adobe® SDK
  • Added new feature to ‘Document Separation QR-Codes’. It’s now possible to add more information to the filenames: An unique code, date and time or the original input filename
  • Fixed a problem with ‘Stamp Color’ property. The user could not select a new color for the text stamp.
  • Fixed a problem with inline images in .msg files. Large images was cropped during conversion to PDF/A
  • Fixed a problem with Word documents containing REF fields. The fields could not be update properly when document is converted to PDF/A
  • Fixed a problem with a specific document and executing the OCR function
  • Fixed several issues regarding PDF rendering and conversion

Version 2.7.5


  • Fixed infinite loop and big memory consumption issue when converting large HTML files
  • Fixed issue with PixEdit Server not using all configured resources / cores
  • Fixed palette for color selection when configuring digital stamp
  • Added more granulated performance slider ranging from 10 -100 % of maximum performance
  • Added new and latest version of Adobe® Library
  • Improved locale region language selection
  • Added support for converting emails with PDF XFA forms as attachments
  • Added support for converting heic file format

Version 2.7.4


  • Support for conversion of PDF documents containing XFA forms
  • New functionality to run text recognition on a selection of pages
  • Correction of coordinates in the searchable text in PDF. This can cause an error message when viewing a document in Adobe Reader

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