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Version notes for PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server

Release Notes

Below are the release notes of recent versions of our PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server software

Version 2.8.1


  • Added support for converting .mhtml filetype
  • Added new PDF variants when converting .docx filtype. New formats are PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-2u and PDF/UA
  • Keep previous config files when upgrading to new version
  • Added job profile name to 'Analytics' incidents
  • Added disk full warning on c-drive when DocServer working folder is located on another drive
  • Change DocServer basepath functionality from PixEdit Server Manager options menu

Version 2.7.12


  • Added new PDF/UA file format option when converting .docx and .doc
  • Implemented new GUI setting to change locale region settings
  • Implemented new ‘Delete pages’ processing command in PixEdit Server
  • Fixed a problem with Outlook .msg conversion to PDF/A - Wide tables embedded in email body can be cropped
  • Fixed a specific .docx problem with fillable forms and conversion to PDF/A
  • Correction of PDF polygon annotation not properly saved to PDF/A
  • Added latest version of Adobe Library APDFL v18.0.4P1n
  • Fixed several issues regarding PDF rendering and conversion

Version 2.7.11


  • Added new feature to clear all logs and 'user data' when restarting services
  • Added custom fonts directory to \\DocServer\\Fonts. This can be useful for supplying own specific fonts when converting documents
  • Added new improved threshold function to 'Remove Blank pages'
  • Added new parameter to match specific length of QR codes when separating documents
  • Added new page range feature to 'Remove Blank Pages' and 'Turn Pages' commands
  • Added new feature for exporting/importing all config settings, user settings and job profiles
  • Added a new setting to enable/disable conversion of PDF's with XFA-Forms
  • Fixed problem with random QR codes causing application/service crash
  • Fixed rendering and saving of specific PDF document which could give empty/blank document
  • Fix of several PDF rendering/saving issues
  • Correction of emails containing wide tables being cut-off when converted to PDF
  • Fixed inconsistent handling of failed documents in a subfolder processing structure
  • Added appsetting to InputConnector for processing '\\_MERGEDATA' filenames

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