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Version notes for PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server

Release Notes

Below are the release notes of recent versions of our PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server software

Version 2.7.2


  • Correction - Input connector will not start and files are not submitted for processing
  • Correction - PDF Bookmarks point to the wrong page when merging .zip content
  • Correction - In rare cases duplicate files might occur when there’s a glitch in the connection between core service and input connector service
  • Enhancement - Improved qr code detection

Version 2.7.1


  • Enhancement - Signed Outlook .msg fails to convert
  • Enhancement - General PDF interpretation, rendering and saving
  • Correction - Visio conversion not working on 2019 Office

Version PixEdit Server 2.7.0


  • New feature - PixEdit Server Manager sort configurations by name
  • Enhancement - Merge content of a PDF portfolio and PDF collection
  • Correction - PixEdit Server changes status to queued even if the source file is not moveable
  • Correction - OCR operation on specific document crashes the services

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