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Version notes for PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server

Release Notes

Below are the release notes of recent versions of our PixEdit® Server and PixEdit® Converter Server software

Version 2.7.8


  • Fixed a problem in PixEdit Server causing jobs to fail while processing with the 'Deskew' function

Version 2.7.7


  • Added latest version of Adobe Library v18.0.4P1f which contains fixes for large temp files and large PDF/A files and occasional application hang
  • Added latest version of Aspose v22.8 which has corrections for some specific reported documents as well as merge field issues
  • Optimized the queue system for jobs and especially prioritized jobs
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the job queue file to be corrupt and jobs got lost
  • Added option in gui to configure how Office documents should be converted. Either using MS Office or internal libraries (Aspose)
  • Added ability to configure which file types should be processed by a given job profile. This can be useful if you want to receive all types of files in one single input folder, but would like different document processing for different file types
  • Added a right-click menu option on user and document processing setup that opens the corresponding internal folder for the specified user. This can be useful for troubleshooting and quick access to the user folder
  • Improved how PixEdit Server Manager save its workspace settings and improved some gui details and controls
  • Fixed an issue with QR code separation and blank document
  • Improved PixEdit Server Manager restart dialog

Version 2.7.6


  • Added new PDF variants : PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2u, PDF/A-3u, PDF/A-X1a-2001, PDF/A-X3-2003
  • Implemented the latest version of Adobe® SDK
  • Added new feature to ‘Document Separation QR-Codes’. It’s now possible to add more information to the filenames: An unique code, date and time or the original input filename
  • Fixed a problem with ‘Stamp Color’ property. The user could not select a new color for the text stamp.
  • Fixed a problem with inline images in .msg files. Large images was cropped during conversion to PDF/A
  • Fixed a problem with Word documents containing REF fields. The fields could not be update properly when document is converted to PDF/A
  • Fixed a problem with a specific document and executing the OCR function
  • Fixed several issues regarding PDF rendering and conversion

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