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Version Notes for PixEdit® Desktop and PixView®

Release Notes

  • Revision info will soon be updated...

Version 8.7.1


  • New feature in PixView - Drag and drop pages to re-arrange page order in current opened document
  • New feature in PixView - Drag and drop documents and images from Windows Explorer into the current open document to merge them together
  • New feature - Ability to preserve other searchable text on pages that have been redacted. This setting can be turned on from menu 'Settings | PDF import '
  • Enhancement - Improved filtering of noise when detecting qr codes
  • Enhancement - Activate/set visible first document in scanned batch when opening from ScanBar. PixEdit Server integration

Version 8.7.0


This revision update only applies to PixEdit Desktop

  • New feature - Added support for automatic paper size detection for Epson scanners
  • New feature - PixEdit - Redact entire page or pages
  • Enhancement - Merge Pdf portfolio’s / collection’s into a multipage Pdf document
  • Correction - Discard last scanned document in ‘Prompt me after each scan dialog’
  • Correction - Pan and zoom disabled when 'Prompt after each dialog is showing'
  • Correction - PixEdit Desktop Server integration - Archive job will only upload first modified document

Version 8.6.6


  • Correction - QR code separation with ephorte/Elements separation sheet
  • Correction - Separation sheet not working properly
  • Correction - PixEdit Desktop and PixEdit Server connection possible crash situation

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