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PixEdit® Desktop and PixView® Releases

Release Notes

Below is a list of release notes for our PixEdit® Desktop and PixView® software

Version 8.5.1


  • Enhancement - Possible to disable certain USB scanning features
  • Enhancement - Removed extra spacing in OCR text
  • Enhancement - Specific PDF document converted to a white page
  • Correction - Error when repair is launched from ‘Add remove programs’ (setup program)
  • Correction - Wrong ‘File associations’ is set for PixView Online versions (setup program)
  • Correction - Repair fails if internet connection is missing (setup program)
  • Correction - Close running application during change/uninstall
  • Correction - Detect barcodes in all directions may result in unseparated documents
  • Correction - Batch Wizard select files Step will not register the correct number of files selected
  • Correction - Batch Wizard select files step sort order not ascending
  • Correction - Batch Wizard controls disappearing when 'ALT' key is pressed
  • Correction - Refresh problem in PixEdit/PixViev document window
  • Correction - Redaction tool. Bookmarks will not be removed from the view when tool is used. Bookmarks is always removed from the saved document
  • Correction - PixEdit delete macro button does not work
  • Correction - Hyperlinks doesn't work after saving to PDF/A on specific document
  • Correction - Open combine documents set result document to pixel units on US configured systems

Version 8.5.0


  • PixEdit and PixView Online editions released. Subscriptions can be purchased in the webshop.
  • Enhancement - Update for HP scanners
  • Correction - Scanbar profile will not set correct After scanning profile
  • Correction - Layer Controlbar displays 16 layers not 8

Version 8.2.7


  • Enhancement - Graphical user interface updated with a more modern look and feel
  • Correction - Multiple output files created by mulit-thread and/or multi-machines in DocServer
  • Correction - Opening and merging of .ZIP files in DocServer
  • Correction - Unhandled exception while executing OCR causes program to crash
  • Correction - PDF rendering and saving

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