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Version Notes for PixEdit® Desktop and PixView®

Release Notes

Version 8.8.1


  • Correction of possible application crash during high volume scanning
  • Correction of setting Jpeg quality to Twain driver, it didn’t always work
  • Correction of possible application crash on startup if mismatching jobprofiles.xml. PixEdit Desktop integration with PixEdit Server.
  • Implemented new features for Avision scanner driver. Configurable in Twain Advanced options
  • Fixed incorrect filename when using 'Elements' separation sheets
  • Fixed separation of digital PDF batches with barcodes generating rasterized pdf's for output
  • Added option to add incrementing numbers to QR-code separation
  • Added possibility to configure author settings in PDF settings dialog
  • Small improvements for the Form Setup Tool
  • Correction not able to open failed jobs in PixEdit Desktop integration with server if 'Automatic download' settings was false

Version 8.7.6


  • Recommended upgrade to this version as it contain an improvement in functionality related to redaction of documents. When using the redaction tool in PixView and PixEdit Desktop, any file attachments embedded in the PDF document itself will now be removed when redaction tool is used
  • Added checkbox for enabling/disabling automatic downloads of finished PixEdit Server jobs
  • Corrections of specific PDF documents which might give empty/blank document when opened/saved
  • Correction of several minor PDF rendering/saving issues
  • Correction of application crash when random QR codes are detected in a document separation setup
  • PixEdit Form Setup Tool - 'Save' button is now enabled/disabled according to modified data changes

Version 8.7.5


  • PixEdit and PixView toolbar icons overhaul on high resolution displays 4k
  • Implemented support for reading and viewing heic file format
  • Added latest Adobe® SDK
  • Enhanced reading of none standard PDF files from NextImage software for Contex scanners
  • Updates in PixView COM interface
  • Correction of text block from OCR sometimes added multiple times to PDF document
  • Correction of application crash when editing PDF bookmarks (64 bit version only)
  • Correction of several minor issues regarding the ‘Data Extraction’ window (PixEdit Desktop Extended)
  • Correction of possible application crash during high volume scanning

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