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PixEdit® Desktop and PixView® Releases

Release Notes

Below is a list of release notes for our PixEdit® Desktop and PixView® software

Version 8.5.4


  • Correction - 'After scanning' setup dialogs GUI problem

Version 8.5.3


  • New feature - Resize to standard page sizes when saving. New parameter in ‘After scanning’ profile save tab
  • Enhancement - Prepared for new Canon DR scanners
  • Enhancement - New set of standard cursors in main Window. Improved performance and usability
  • Enhancement - Improved WCF security when connecting to PixEdit Server
  • Correction - Specific PDF problem. Fails to open document and no error message is provided
  • Correction - PDF attachment problem
  • Correction - PixEdit Server integration, ScanBar changes settings to default without ‘Scan Properties’ object in profile
  • Correction - Open documents from Windows explorer can result in an error message on second opening

Version 8.5.2


  • New feature - Text selection tool. Double-click to select word, sentence and entire text content
  • New feature - With text selected. Present 'Set as filename' in the context menu
  • New feature - Check for updates checkbox in Setup program
  • New feature - Automatically check for program updates. New notification windows and background download of new setup packages
  • Enhancement - Added two more decimals to ‘Area coverage’ result view
  • Enhancement - Add separation number on first page when saving to tiff or jpg
  • Enhancement - Remove user password requirement for connecting to PixEdit Server
  • Enhancement - Ask for confirmation before uninstall starts (Setup program)
  • Correction - Installation proposes upgrade when newer version is installed
  • Correction - Turn pages gives error if specified pages is out of range -1400 internal error
  • Correction - Missing some annotations/text on specific PDF document
  • Correction - Two entries in Windows ‘Add remove programs’ after upgrade
  • Correction - DocServer will not give error if to many or too few barcodes are found according to configuration

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