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Document composing

PixEdit® Desktop stands out from the crowd of scanning and imaging software in the way that it is designed as a tool for documents, not just scanned images. The user interface in PixEdit is focused on looking at and working with the document as a whole. You quickly get an overview of its structure and content and you can do any editing operation on a collection of pages, not just one by one.

It is also very easy to work with several documents at the same time, to copy pages from one document to another or combine several scans to one larger document.

Cut, Copy, Paste, Drag-and-Drop

The Multiple Document Interface (MDI) lets you open up or scan in several documents and keep them all open in the PixEdit workspace at the same time. Then, in a very easy and intuitive way, you can rearrange and combine partial or entire documents using familiar Windows commands and mouse actions.

Tutorial Videos

Combining born-digital documents with scanned material

One of the most powerful features of PixEdit®, is that you can very easily import born-digital documents and combine them with scanned documents. You can for example drag a Microsoft Word document directly into a scanned document at a given place.
Being able to work with both scanned and born-digital material gives you added flexibility in the document workflow and can save a lot of time spent on printing and rescanning.

Tutorial Videos

In these videos, you will find good practical examples of how to work efficiently with all kinds of documents in PixEdit® Desktop. Whether they have few pages or many pages, whether they are color or black-and-white, whether they are small booklets or huge drawings, PixEdit handles them all with ease and speed.


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