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PDF Comments/Markup

Collaboration in the document workflow

Adding comments to PDF documents is productive for facilitating collaboration and interaction between people. They make it easy for users to exchange ideas and information on the same document. In PDF, annotations and drawing markup is stored completely separate from the original content. Hence users may add, edit and delete comments at any time without interfering with the original.

Sticky notes and highlighting

Sticky notes in a PDF are very similar to paper Post-it notes in use. The note is marked with a small icon, so it doesn't cover the text underneath. When a reader double-clicks the icon, the sticky note appears where you put it.

The highlighting-tool is also used pretty much as you would use a real fluorescent highlighter pen. In a PDF you can also add notes to the highlighting, which appears when a reader double-clicks it.


These are typical redline markings that resemble those done on real paper with a pen. The tool includes underlining text, strikethrough text, lines, boxes, and circles.

Tutorial Videos

The following video will show you how to add and edit PDF Comments and Drawing Markup with PixEdit® Desktop. PixView® software has the same features.


PDF Comments/Markup Software

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