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Document scanning

Document scanners usually come with a bundle of "free" scanning software. So why would you need additional software to do the scanning job?

  • You want high quality digital documents!
  • You want effective and time-saving routines for filing!
  • You want to ensure future readability and conservation!

The digital document produced must be of excellent quality, regardless of the type of scanner and the paper document. See how PixEdit software will help you accomplish this effortlessly.


Why use PixEdit software for all the scanning in your company

Uniform interface regardless of scanner type

PixEdit's unique ScanBar™ window gives you the ability to quickly choose all scanning options such as colors, page size, resolution and document processing from the same toolbox. Connect all scanners and choose your desired setup for processing. Then just click the green scan button. It's as simple as that! 

Save different scanner setups as Profiles

One major advantage to save time and effort is the ability to manage profiles, i.e. scanner presets. You can save your scanner preferences as a profile, and then quickly load them again later. This way, you make sure that anyone who is scanning documents will always be using the correct and optimal scanner settings for the job.

Document scanning software

How to buy PixEdit Software

Short delivery time and easy installation will get you started quickly!