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Export settings to new computer

How to export PixEdit Desktop registry settings to a new computer

If you are moving to a new computer or are reinstalling the OS you might want to transfer the old PixEdit® Desktop settings to the new system.

This is easily done by exporting the registry settings and importing them on the new system. It is important that you follow these steps before you install PixEdit® Desktop:

1. Make sure you are logged as the same Windows User that are used with PixEdit® Desktop (on the old system).

2. Open the built-in registry editor in Windows, "regedit.exe".

3. Navigate to "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Techsoft\PixEdit8 (PixEdit7 if you are running an old version of PixEdit®)

4. Right-Click on the registry key PixEdit8 (or PixEdit7) and select "Export".

5. Choose "Win9x/NT4 Registration Files" as file format and save the file to a desired location.

6. Locate the file on your computer and copy it to an external drive or a location you can reach from the new system.

7. Now you can prepare the new system (do not install PixEdit® Desktop yet).

8. When the new system is ready (remember to install the TWAIN-driver if you have a document scanner), locate and double-click on the file you exported from the old system to import the settings to registry.

9. Install PixEdit® Desktop as normal. The first time the application launches it will scan registry for previous settings.

10. When PixEdit® Desktop is up and running it is good practice to check the imported configurations. New, useful features that you may want to enable could have been added. It can also be necessary to change some of the file paths (such as save locations or DocServer folders) to get the new system up and running.

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