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Collection of data from forms

Forms processing

Using a document scanner to scan filled-out forms and then capture the data using software is hugely more efficient than traditional, manual forms-processing. This also eliminates errors which are inevitably introduced when human operators are reading the forms and typing in the data. PixEdit® offers you a very simple forms processing that can help you easily convert thousands of uniform documents into structured data.


To interpret data correctly, a template is designed, where all the data fields and their approximate positions are defined. In PixEdit®, designing this template is extremely simple: Just scan one form and then mark the fields with boxes using the mouse. For each field, a data type is given. You also define a rule for the interpretation, i.e. how many characters etc. This greatly helps accuracy and eliminates errors.

When scanning and processing the forms, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) is used to interpret the images and convert them to data values. When all forms have been scanned, the data can be imported in to a database or an Excel spreadsheet to analyze it, present it in diagrams, etc.

Accuracy with image processing

Forms processing software needs good quality scanned images to be able to capture data accurately. PixEdit® uses its advanced document image processing to prepare the images before the form recognition is done, which will give you precise data even if the scanner isn't always delivering perfect images.


  • Very easy, visual design of templates
  • Powerful image pre-processing for better accuracy
  • OCR - Text recogntion
  • OMR - Check mark recogntion
  • Export to XML or comma-separated text files

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