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PixEdit Server and PixEdit Desktop Integration

Combine PixEdit Desktop and PixEdit Server

Automatic document management takes place very efficiently on a powerful server with PixEdit Server, while you have all the necessary tools to control the scan and afterwards be able to control and modify the documents in PixEdit Desktop

⇒ Easy management

With a management tool in PixEdit Server, users and scan setup (profiles) are configured. Each user is given access to the scan setups that are relevant.

Profile = Scan Setup: How should the document be processed?
  • Separation (eg. with bar codes)
  • Optimization (improvement and cleaning)
  • Text recognition
  • Saving

⇒ User friendly

User logs in to PixEdit Desktop on an available scan station and accesses its scan setups (profiles)

Easy for user to scan with the correct setup by selecting profile

⇒ Automatic processing

All documents are automatically processed on server so that the scan station is immediately released for the next scan

⇒ Optional manual control and verification

Users can view their completed scanned and processed documents for verification and editing before submitting to the archive

⇒ The documents are sent straight to the digital archive!




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